X-Ray – Freight and Cargo

Security Screening of Freight and Cargo

Totalpost Mailing Ltd supplies UK airports and freight handlers with the latest X-Ray threat detection technology to enable security screening operatives to thoroughly and efficiently check cargo and freight for security threats.

We supply heavy-duty inspection systems ideally suited for freight screening including crates, cargo and pallet-size objects at large-scale security screening locales. All of these security screening devices utilise Dual View technology to enable efficient screening which complies with all current regulations.

They possess unique design features and have been intelligently designed for ease of use incorporating aspects such as lower and more robust conveyor belts for easy loading of heavy items. The most advanced technology is utilised in these systems to give operatives clarity and depth in the image they see on screen. The largest freight screening X-Ray threat detection security screening devices available from Totalpost are:

Spectrum 150180

The spectrum 150180 has been specially designed to meet the needs and applications of warehouses, shippers, custom brokers and couriers for the airports and has a powerful 200kV X-ray generator.

Spectrum 180180

The Spectrum 180180 is an x-ray inspection system with a high level of performance, greater sharpness and image quality. It has been specially designed to meet the needs and applications of airports, customs services, transportation services, carriers, transportation operations or in any other environment where high security and complete screening is required.

Spectrum Cargo Compact

The spectrum Cargo Compact was designed to meet the highest demands. Using technology that transmits low doses of radiation allowing the permanence of the driver inside of the vehicle while it passes through the inspection tunnel. Smuggling, illicit goods, tax evasion products and explosives inside of the vehicle can easily be identified by the system.

Spectrum Cargo 4.5 / 6.0 MeV

The Spectrum Cargo 4.5 and 6.0 uses the most reliable linear accelerator delivering 4.5 MeV and dual energy 6.0 MeV, allowing material discrimination, high steel penetration and fast throughput. Using the innovative automatic free-flow scanning procedure, guarantees a constant vehicle flow on site.

Spectrum Cargo 7.5

The Spectrum Cargo 7.5 includes the most reliable linear accelerator delivering dual energy 7.5 MeV, allowing material discrimination, high steel penetration and throughput. Using the innovative automatic free-flow scanning procedure, guarantees a constant vehicle flow on site.