X-Ray Security Screening for Prisons

Security screening is an obvious requirement for prisons. Utilising high levels of X-Ray security screening equipment can greatly enhance searches and speed up the time they take.

However, the space available for X-Ray screening technology is often limited and in the past this has been an issue for deploying the best technology available. Prisons have had to try to accommodate large conveyer X-Ray machines where possible. Others have had to use cabinet style screeners which until now have not utilised dual view technology.

It is generally accepted that the overall footprint required (including loading space) to have a conveyer systems is 3,570mm x 860mm. In contrast an ultra compact or desktop cabinet X-Ray screening machine only requires a very small space. For a desktop model 410mm x 466mm is required and for the freestanding model the space that is required is 555mm x 720mm.

Dual view or dual energy X-Ray gives the ability to show different substances in different colours. For example drugs and metals will show up in different colours. Until now this technology has only been available in conveyor X-Ray screening machines.

This means that ultra-compact high performance X-Ray security screening equipment utilising materials discrimination is now available. It can easily be used in small spaces within prisons such as accommodation blocks, wings, workshops etc.

Mobile versions of the machine are also available making it very versatile. The dual view cabinet X-Ray screening machine can therefore be easily moved into whatever location it is needed. So it could be moved into the accommodation area and placed outside a cell door if specific checks are being carried out.

The dual view technology makes it much quicker and easier to spot hidden threats such as knives but also to spot hidden drugs or Sim cards.

Whilst these conveyer X-Ray screening devices have not been designed to replace conveyers, they are available for high security settings where space is at a premium.

To find out more about our dual view X-Ray security screening cabinets, contact our X-Ray security screening experts at Tel: 0845 4900360 or email sales@totalpost.com


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