Why do you still use Stamps?

How Much Cheaper Is Mailmark® Franked Mail Compared To Stamps?
The simple answer is that Mailmark ® franked mail is much cheaper than stamps. However, how much cheaper depends on what you’re sending.

The greatest savings come from sending a 2nd class letter, which saves you £0.19 or 33% for each letter you send. At the other end you’ll save just 7% or £0.23 by using a Mailmark® franking machine to send a small parcel.

For a complete list of how much cheaper franked mail is compared to stamps please have a look at this table:


Why choose Franking?

Cut costs
Mailmark® Franking can significantly reduce your mailing costs. For example, a franked 1st Class letter costs just 57p – that’s a saving of 10p compared to a 1st Class stamp.

Save time
Printing postage in-house means fewer trips to the Post Office – and it’s so much faster than applying postage manually.

Reinforce your brand
Give all your mail a professional, recognisable image with your logo or marketing message printed on the envelope or label.

Manage your spend
Upload credit as and when you need it and monitor usage throughout your business to help understand departmental spend and keep track of VAT.

Improve efficiency
The latest, most sophisticated franking machines can process huge volumes of mail quickly and accurately – and even basic models offer major time-savings.

Royal Mail Mailmark – our most efficient Franking service
Royal Mail Mailmark is our newest and most efficient franking mark. Along with our lowest prices for postage, it also offers automatic price updates and a highly professional finish. It minimises incorrect pricing too, and offers access to a new Prepay Business Reply product.

Find out more about Royal Mail Mailmark here

Is Franking right for you?
From large corporate companies, universities and government agencies to small businesses and sole traders, franking services benefit a range of organisations. There’s a variety of franking machines available to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. And with no restrictions on minimum or maximum postage volumes, franking can save you money whether you post one letter or thousands.

You’ll need to consider costs such as leasing or purchasing a franking machine, along with ongoing expenses like print cartridges. But even if you only send a modest amount of mail each week, you can start covering your costs relatively quickly.

To find out more, please contact our sales team at: sales@totalpost.com or call +44 (0)845 4900360


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