What is Dual-View X-Ray security screening?

Dual-View technology is used within many modern X-Ray security screening machines. The Dual-View provides security screening personnel with the ability to see 2 views from scanning the object just once.

That’s because 2 views from different angles (usually from the top and the side) are taken as the object passes through the X-Ray security screening device.

What are the advantages of this?

Importantly it allows screening personnel to see much more. And it provides a clearer image which can be moved giving the user the feel of looking around corners.

Using a Dual-View X-Ray security screening machine also greatly increases efficiency. Increasingly legislation for cargo screening within airports is calling for all cargo to be scanned across 2 different angles.

Using conventional screening technology will mean that users have to screen each item of cargo twice. However using dual view technology means these two required views can be gained from just one pass through the machine.

What threats are we looking for with Dual-View?

Security screening personnel are looking for a variety of threats such as guns and knives. Liquid placed near electrical devices could indicate a manufactured bomb.

Screeners will also be looking for powders and drugs. Screeners used in prisons will also be looking for anything sharp at all and Sim cards which are often used as a form of currency within prisons.

What other technology is available?

Many modern X-Ray security screening machines use colour imaging, and 3 or 6 colour imaging is quite common.

Here atomic number analysis is used and colours are assigned to the object based on density. Each colour identifies a specific range including organic, low, and high inorganic. Light, heavy and dense metals are also assigned a colour.

Having 6 colours rather than 3 offers a much clearer representation of the item which is being screened making it much easier for the operator to be able to identify threats.

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