What is a franking machine?

A franking machine is a simple and cost effective way for businesses to handle their own post.

A franking machine allows businesses to accurately weigh their own mail and frank the item of postage. It’s an easy way to pay for and handle your own postage.

To frank mail means to pay for it. So a franking mark is an equivalent to a stamp.

Simply frank the post (add the payment mark) in the office and then post it in a business post box. Post boxes for franked mail are situated near business zones such as in city centres and on business parks and trading estates.

Users add credit to their franking machine once a month or as required and post can then have the relevant postage cost added to it in house without having to go to the post office.

Franking machines are easy to use and come in various sizes. Some are little more than the footprint size of an A4 piece of paper so will sit happily on an office desk.

The entry level machines require a member of staff to feed post into them. But larger franking machines can be set up to automatically frank large runs of post such as invoices or mail shots.

There are several options for businesses that want to use a franking machine. They can be rented for an annual or monthly fee or bought out right. Sometimes businesses can trial a refurbished franking machine before committing to renting or buying.

But once businesses have experienced the savings they rarely go back.

Businesses that post more than 8 second class letters a day can make decent savings by using a franking machine. Companies that send out more letters and parcels than this can make substantial savings.

And it isn’t just an option for SME’s and corporates. More and more we’re seeing one man companies such as eBay entrepreneurs using franking machines.

Not only this but mail that is franked rather than stamped is generally accepted as looking more professional. Additionally most modern franking machines allow users to add their own logo or marketing message to the frank.

To find out more about franking machines give us a call to speak to one of our mailroom experts Tel: 0845 4900360 or email sales@totalpost.com



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