Totalpost becomes Training Academy


Cartridge remanufacturer Totalpost has become one of North West England’s “leading training academies in its field.”

The company has been providing advanced training opportunities both in its factory and in business disciplines for over 5 years, in which time it has had many success stories of apprentices rising through the ranks of the firm, learning new skills and moving into different areas of the business.

Speaking about the academy, Chairman David Hymers said: “We recruit for attitude, and let each individual’s skills shine through. By providing young people with opportunities to try working in different areas of the business they are able to find a career that they really enjoy.”

Dean Johnson started working as an apprentice at Totalpost in 2013. He started out learning all the different processes in the factory, quickly demonstrating a strong work ethic. After showing interest in the IT side of the business, he was given the opportunity to try a role within this department, since which he has thrived, developing new IT processes for Totalpost which are helping it to stay ahead of technological advances. Dean has also trained to become an ISO internal auditor, which helped “immensely” when Totalpost recently passed its triennial revue to achieve the higher standard ISO9001:2015.

“I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do when I began my career at Totalpost,” said Johnson. “I have been able to gain practical qualifications while getting lots of different hands on experience. This has been invaluable as I am now lucky enough to have a job I thoroughly enjoy.”

A similar story is that of apprentice Rory Jewitt, who started with Totalpost in 2015. Quicking picking up all the different factory processes, in the intervening three years he has progressed to become the factory supervisor.

“I’m very grateful and fortunate at Totalpost, not just for the faith shown in recruiting me in the first place but also for the promotion I received and the opportunity to improve myself academically,” explained Jewitt. “I hope in time to be able to repay that faith by putting my new skills to good use and help Totalpost achieve further prosperity.”

Furthermore, Dale McCormack started out as a factory apprentice, and due to his skills in graphics and communication was promoted to run the service desk, collating and providing management information to customers, and undertaking web design and graphics. Dale said of his progress: “When I first started at Totalpost I knew I wanted to progress in the company and I have been given plenty of opportunities to do so, with the Level 3 management course I am enrolled on it has improved my knowledge and skill set far more than I thought was possible.”

Totalpost has also supported employees in other areas of the business to upskill, funding qualifications and giving time for employees to study. Team members Ruth Reed and Lisa Brightwell, both long term employees, have undertaken study in business administration and ICT and have both gained NVQ qualifications. “I’m really pleased to have achieved my first official qualification,” Reed reflected, while Brightwell opined: “I’ve really enjoyed this work based study and I am already looking forward to the next course based around digital marketing and social media for business.”

“The opportunity to learn and upskill should be available to everyone,” emphasized Hymers. “I am delighted that we are able to support our employees to do this across such a wide area of disciplines. It has helped our business as an SME enormously as we have people who can now multi task across more than one discipline which helps with staff coverage in times of holiday or sickness.”

Totalpost is now being recognised as a leading example of how companies can support young people to learn whilst earning a living, with Hymers regularly asked to speak at Universities, Colleges and other public sector bodies about skill training, and how his company implemented “a training scheme which works for both the employer and employee.”

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