security screening

New products – Metal Detection, Radiation Detection and Mail Screening

Following demand from customers we have launched a suite of exciting new security screening products. We have partnered with leading security screening device manufacturer CEIA who have developed the best technology on the market. We are now able to provide three levels of Walk Through Metal Detection ranging from the CEIA Classic through to the […]

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What is Dual-View X-Ray security screening?

Dual-View technology is used within many modern X-Ray security screening machines. The Dual-View provides security screening personnel with the ability to see 2 views from scanning the object just once. That’s because 2 views from different angles (usually from the top and the side) are taken as the object passes through the X-Ray security screening […]

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X-Ray Security Screening for Prisons

Security screening is an obvious requirement for prisons. Utilising high levels of X-Ray security screening equipment can greatly enhance searches and speed up the time they take. However, the space available for X-Ray screening technology is often limited and in the past this has been an issue for deploying the best technology available. Prisons have […]

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