What is a returned mail handling service?

Returned mail is mail that does not reach the recipient and
is returned to the sender.return to sender

If returned mail isn’t dealt with properly, the sender company is effectively wasting paper and resources, failing to update data and causing damage to their reputation as home owners continue to receive the wrong mail.

On average when a company sends out direct mail it is estimated that around 10% does not reach its target. Two percent is returned straight away and if the mail keeps going to the wrong target eventually the other 8% ends up being returned.

What happens to returned mail?

Many companies do nothing with returned mail. Others use a service such as that provided by Totalpost to effectively and efficiently deal with the returned mail.

This enables them to clean up their data, only send out further mail to those that want it, efficiently deal with returned mail in a secure and environmentally friendly manner and to focus their direct marketing spend on their target audience.

It may not seem like a big deal that some mail goes to the wrong recipient and has to be returned. However, this becomes an issue when a company has not been informed of a death and therefore sends mail to the deceased. This can be very upsetting for the family especially if the mail keeps coming from the same company despite the family returning it.

How do Totalpost deal with returned mail?

Once a company starts working with us, their returned mail gets routed straight to us so that we can start handling it on their behalf.

On receiving the company’s returned mail we then handle and process it to their exact requirements.

The letter contents can be removed, recovered and returned to you or securely destroyed.

“White mail” correspondence is identified and forwarded to the company or processed to their specification.

We can capture whatever data the company requires in whatever format they would like. Every bit of waste material generated through the process is securely destroyed and recycled, helping the company to improve their environmental credentials.

We work with a number of high profile companies, all of which take returned mail and data cleansing very seriously. These companies include financial institutions, government departments, utility firms, corporations, charities and customer loyalty programmes.

To find out more about our returned mail services call us on Tel: 0845 4900 360 or email sales@totalpost.com


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