Refurbished Machinery

As a premier mailroom equipment provider and maintainer, Totalpost has available a selection of refurbished equipment which is in full working order and has been refurbished to an extremely high standard.

The refurbished mailroom equipment that we currently have available includes:

Opex 50 Extraction Desk / Automatic Letter Opener

The Opex 50 provides rapid mail extraction of DL envelopes (short and long).We have several of these Opex Model 50 units available which can be viewed on site.

  • High volume mail processing
  • DL envelope size mail processing
  • Performance control centre: offers immediate performance

Opex 51 Rapid Extraction Desk / Automatic Letter Opener

The Opex 51 provides rapid mail extraction of all types of mail including DL and C5 envelopes.Mixed mail processing: includes envelopes up to 6 3/8″ tall

  • One touch opening
  • Extraction and macro sorting in readiness for scanning
  • Faster than slitting and manually extracting then sorting as it avoids double handling
  • Greater speed and productivity
  • Performance control centre: offers immediate performance data
  • Feed pusher: provides a smooth envelope feed
  •  Ability to profile material thickness
  • Includes Sort trays and Mail tray holder

6050 Milling Machine

The T6050 is a simple, reliable and easy to operate desktop machine. It cuts at a high speed of up to 20,000 envelopes per hour, and supports mixed mail up to C4. This machine has milling cutter Technology which protects the contents from being cut or damaged. It removes up to 3mm of the envelope edge creating a soft, feathered opening and giving easy access to the contents. It is a heavy duty piece of equipment with a solid metal construction throughout, and is made of steel using the highest quality components.

6070 Milling Machine

This is a high speed single sided envelope opener supplied with table, capable of feeding up to 40,000 letters per hour, with milling cutter technology designed to protect the contents from being cut or damaged. This version has a reverse flow conveyor that feeds the opened envelopes back along the machine for easy collection by the operator. Its milling action helps create a soft, feathered opening and giving easy access to the contents helping reduce cuts to fingers. It is a well known and current work horse in the mail opening industry.

Mercure Sealer T300

This modern envelope sealing machine seals all common envelope formats from C6 / 5 to C4 Pocket cleanly and quickly. This envelope sealing machine permits a timely processing of your daily post both quickly and efficiently, economically and ecologically. These machines are further distinguished as they are very simple and easy to use.  These envelope sealing machines have a large water reservoir with a visible water level, an automatic level regulation as well as self-cleaning moistening rollers. The moistening intensity is adjustable.

2 and 4 Pocket Station Mailroom Jogger

The J-50 with 4 pocket tilt rack, featuring hardwood maple rack mounted at 45 degree angle, will align checks, tab cards, time and payroll cards.  Can also be used to increase the capacity of sorters, readers and other date processing machines.

Neopost DS-80 Folding Inserting Mail Room Machine

Processing speeds of over 66 filled envelopes per minute give the DS80 best-in-class productivity. A reversible color touch screen control panel with detailed graphics and text prompts provides the ultimate operator-friendly experience.  Fill and Start technology redefines ease of use. Simply load documents and inserts of varying sizes into the machine and hit the start button.

All adjustments such as fold type, fold length, envelope size, paper length, and paper thickness are set automatically! The system has fully calibrated itself, memorised your application and is ready to run.

i620 Scanner 

The award winning Kodak i600 series scanners performance to the next level with innovations like SurePath paper handling, Perfect Page scanning, three independent ultrasonic multi-feed detection and much more.

New Classic Walk Through Metal Detector 

  • Digitally adjustable sensitivity with a wide range of values.
  • All functions are controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Programming access protected by hardware key.
  • Automatic synchronisation between two or more Metal Detectors
  • Professional high integration and high reliability electronics.
  • Control unit incorporated in the detector.
  • Easy maintenance. Modular control unit for a rapid replacement.
  • Colour: light grey

To find out more about our range of refurbished equipment please contact us on Tel: 01434 422600 or email For all the machines above we recommend a fully comprehensive annual service contract using our own engineers to maintain equipment anywhere in UK, POA.

Prices are generally 70 – 80% less than OEM prices