My Pitney Bowes franking machine isn’t printing properly – expert advice from Totalpost

Problem 1: usually my franking machine prints nice
solid print but recently it has started to leave mail feedgaps in the print

Problem 2: my franking machine is situated on the desktop as normal but the print is coming out jittery.

Solution = the franking machine printhead needs testing and / or replacing.

Lifting the myth of franking machine printheads

Most people know that they have to purchase new ink cartridges for there franking machine. However, did you know that the printhead on most Pitney Bowe’s franking machines is also a consumable item?

The printhead needs to be replaced from time to
time in order to keep your franking machine ink
frank markrunning smoothly. This is the case whatever type of franking machine you use and whatever type or quality of ink you use within it.

The relevant franking machine manufacturers state within there own service information (where applicable) that printheads should be replaced for the efficient running of the machine. However, because this is a much less frequent requirement than the changing of a cartridge, many franking machine users don’t know about this.

Why do franking machine printheads need replacing?

A franking machine printhead is made up of tiny nozzles, this is different for each machine but all have hundreds of nozzles.

It only takes a couple of these nozzles to be blocked for the printing to be impaired.

The nozzles can get blocked for a variety of reasons including general age, or even by human error if the contact points have been touched when being handled.

How to test your franking machine printhead?

Before purchasing a new printhead you should first try cleaning your existing one by removing it and wiping down the printhead with damp tissue and cleaning away any excess ink from within the machine.

Once this has been completed you should carefully replace the printhead back into the franking machine and do a test print.

Next you need to purge the franking machine to encourage the ink to flow properly. There is an option on most franking machines to purge the machine, do this and then do a test print. It can take a few machine purges to encourage the ink through so repeat the purge and testing process 3 or 4 times before deciding that the printhead is faulty.

However, after completing these steps, if the gaps or jittery printing are still present you will need to replace your printhead.

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