New products – Metal Detection, Radiation Detection and Mail Screening

Following demand from customers we have launched a suite of exciting new security screening products. We have partnered with leading security screening device manufacturer CEIA who have developed the best technology on the market.

We are now able to provide three levels of Walk Through Metal Detection ranging from the CEIA Classic through to the CEIA HI-PE Multi Range Metal Detector. These different options in walk through detection provide a full spectrum of people screening which are ideal for use across a variety of different locations and scenarios from government buildings, events and schools through to prisons and airports.

The CEIA PD140E is a handheld metal detection device which is ideal for use in conjunction with a walkthrough archway. This clever and sleek metal detector provides an excellent quality of personal metal detection whilst not being affected by external metal interferences.

We are now able to provide radiation detection through a new product called the G-Scan Hand baggage Gamma Detector. This device works well in conjunction with whole range of X-Ray security screening for baggage and parcels. It is a frame that sits around the exit rollers of the X-ray security screening device and seamlessly screens items as they emerge from the X-Ray.  An extra layer of detection, this device means all threats can be detected from one screening process.

Finally, and perhaps, most exciting, we have launched a desktop mail screening device which is light years ahead of all other compact mail screening equipment on the market. The EMIS Mail is a small device that can easily sit on a receptionist’s desk. Mail and packets are simply dropped through the device and an alarm sounds if there are hidden threats within. Unlike other similar equipment on the market the EMIS mail has an extremely low false alarm rate as it differentiates between staples and paperclips and only identifies real threats.

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