Returned Mail Services

return mail 2Totalpost’s highly experienced mailroom team provides an efficient returned mail handling and data capture service for large companies including banks, loyalty schemes and government offices.

“Returned Mail” is the generic term applied to mail that is “Returned to sender”.

When companies take no action to deal with returned mail they waste money, miss their marketing targets and annoy potential customers by repeatedly sending out mail to the wrong address.

Using the returned mail services of Totalpost enables companies to quickly, efficiently and environmentally handle returned mail.


  • Significant postage savings made through working with cleaner data.
  • Minimises repeat and / or unnecessary mailing to ‘goneaway’ customers.
  • Brand image is protected and enhanced.
  • Opportunities for identity theft are mitigated.
  • Lowers corporate carbon footprint.
  • Access to better customer data.

Why is mail returned and what is the impact?

Many companies use a returned mail service to ensure mail hits its targets, to streamline and cleanse data lists, and to make sure branding isn’t damaged by repeatedly sending unwanted or un-deliverable mail.

The usual reasons for returned mail are:

  • addressee has moved or is not known.
  • addressee has died.
  • addressee doesn’t want to receive the mail.

or, Royal Mail can’t deliver the item because:

  • Address is not known or is incomplete.
  • There is a physical barrier to delivery (e.g. no letterbox).

What can be captured?

As part of our returned mail service, Totalpost can capture all kinds of information from your returned mail such as a 2d barcode – you tell us the information you want and we will capture for example:

  • Customer name and address
  • Alpha / numeric unique customer number
  • Campaign information
  • Mail out dates
  • Reason for return
  • Data source information/identifier

How we handle the returned mail service

  • Mail is routed directly to one of our secure processing centres via a unique return address.
  • Mail is processed according to your specification.
  • Pack contents can be recovered and returned, or securely destroyed.
  • “White mail” correspondence identified and forwarded or processed.

The results

  • We deliver the captured data in the required format to you via secure ftp.
  • Every bit of waste material generated is recycled, helping you to improve your carbon footprint.

Who we are

  • Mailroom service professionals with over three decades of experience in the returned mail management sector.
  • We utilise the full range of automated and manual capture solutions.
  • Providing a bespoke service tailored to meet individual client requirements.
  • We have total commitment to quality and continuous improvement.