Document Scanning

A fast, safe and efficient document scanning service can help organise and streamline the way in which a business handles historical paper documents and archived files.

 Are you drowning in paper?

The storage of paper documents is an issue facing every organisation. Perhaps you’re running out of space, or alternatively you may be finding it increasingly difficult to retrieve documents swiftly.

Ultimately managing paper could be costing you time, space and money.

The solution

Totalpost provides document scanning services to meet all demands. We have a dedicated, secured to bank standard, processing centre where we handle document scanning for a number of high profile businesses large and small.

Working with us will enable you to reduce your costs, save office space and, address any compliance issues by letting us take care of your paper document management.

Why digital documents?

Digital scanned documents and files are easier to find, permitting all workers to get to the information they need. Documents such as invoices or POD’s, when available as scanned images, can allow a quick response to queries without having to search through paper files or archived records. The documents are available 365 24/7 not just during office opening times, enabling immediate replies to telephone or e-mail enquiries. A digital image of the necessary document can be e-mailed if required

What about security?

Images once scanned can be stored with password protection, providing security against unauthorised access.

Correctly backed-up data will be instantly available, enhancing your “Disaster Recovery” \ “ Business Continuity” plans which will minimise disruption to your business.

The risk of damage to your paper records by fire or flood is removed.

What we do

Your documents are collected at a convenient time and delivered to one of our secure facilities.

The documents are then checked into our system and then prepared,scanned and indexed as per the clients requirements.

The scanned images will then be returned in a pre determined form ie CD, Pen drive etc.

Throughout the process the client can have any urgent files back electronically.

What can be scanned?

We can scan any documents large or small (up to A0 in size), in black and white or full colour. We can save in any image format required and are equipped to handle anything from small volumes right through to large historical data scanning projects.

To find out more about our document scanning solution call us on Tel: 01434 422600 or email