Envelope Sealers

Maag Mercure WatermarkedEnvelope sealing machines are designed to ease the process of sealing large volumes of envelopes. Automatic sealers are compact and easy to operate.

Automatic envelope sealers are the most economical way of sealing envelopes hands free.

These machines do not require any manual wetting, flap folding or sealing of envelopes. An automatic sealing machine starts and stops automatically, thus increasing productivity.

Totalpost specialises in time and money saving mailroom solutions, our envelope sealer significantly reduces the time required to get mail ready for postage. Especially when processing large mailings like invoices, credit control or marketing promotions.

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T300 Envelope Sealer

Our T300 Envelope Sealer can handle a variety envelope sizes all the way up to C4, and provides the high speed sealing of water gummed envelopes.

This machine is extremely versatile and is able to deal with various envelope depths. There is no need to pre-sort mail as it can efficiently seal mixed mail from the feeder.

The T300 Envelope Sealer features variable speed control, allowing for speed adjustments depending on the type of envelopes being sealed. This ensures optimum sealing and feeding quality.

It has a high quality rugged construction which has been designed for long life and high volume operation. It incorporates very few replacement parts to ensure trouble free maintenance.

Additionally, the T300 has an optional 6 digit counter which enables the user to view the total number of items fed into the machine.

  • Up to 18,000 gummed envelopes can be sealed per hour
  • Seals envelopes effectively and quickly from 90mm to 250mm wide
  • Option to start/stop automatically and only requires the stacking of prepared envelopes
  • Large water reservoir
  • Adjustable moistening intensity
  • Speed regulation provides selectively adjustable output
  • Simple to operate
  • Great build quality
Speed adjustable up to 300 / min
Minimum material size 150 x 90 mm (deep)
Maximum material size 300 x 250 mm (deep)
Material thickness up to approx. 8 mm
Power 200/240V or 120V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 900 x 375 x 500 mm
Weight 25 kg
Variations Separate counter available as required