Is the security of your employees important to you?

The threats which can come from postal items mean that companies face new risks every day at any time. For your protection Totalpost’s mailroom security equipment can offer you a well-proven solution which checks your incoming post for dangerous objects.

Both economic and also political events can lead to an unexpected threat for companies and people. Such situations can endanger the attacked organisation and, in extreme cases, even bring it to a complete standstill. The innocent employees in the mailrooms or secretary’s offices are very often affected.

Part of our CEIA range of clever metal detection devices, the EMIS-MAIL has been designed to detect hidden threats in letters, packets and parcels and specifically looks for IED devices.

This compact desktop device fits easily onto a receptionist’s desk, requires no calibration and is extremely easy to use. Simply drop mail items through the machine and gain peace of mind that mail is safe before opening. An alarm sound and warning on the in built screen will alert the user to any causes for concern. This device is very portable and can last for up to 10hrs on once single charge.


Unlike other devices of this size on the market for mail screening, the EMIS-MAIL has built in intelligence to differentiate between threats and everyday items such as paper clips and staples. This means the false alarm rate is extremely low, enabling the user to use this machine confidently as a quick and easy everyday mail screening device.

There is also an option to add a radiation detection module for enhanced mail screening.





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