Investing in Mailroom Equipment proven to Increase Profitability

The mailroom is the hub of every business and is often overlooked. If you do not supply your mailroom with the appropriate equipment, your employees’ knowledge of how to use the equipment to its full efficiency is limited. To maintain a high level of productivity and service the mailroom should be given due consideration to enhance the overall efficiency of your business. Don’t make the mistake of believing that because the job gets done, the mailroom is running at its maximum productivity.

Today, we are going to talk about and list the ‘high demand’ Mailroom Equipment, which has been proven to increase profitability in many businesses we have dealt with.

Folder Inserting Machines Click here to see more.

DS-90 large pic

The name of the machine explains it all really, Totalpost offers a comprehensive range of folder inserter / paper folding machines designed for any office type, large or small.  Paper folding machines, also known as folder inserters, save you time and money by making the process more cost effective and efficient.

If you have high volumes of mail requiring multiple documents inserted, such as an invoice or statement run, our folding and inserting machines can dramatically reduce the time required, and they ensure accuracy throughout.

These machines are easy to use; simply load your documents and your envelopes, press go and the documents will be efficiently folded and inserted into the envelopes ready for mail out. We stock a broad range of folder inserter machines

Franking Machines Click here to see more.

IS330 franking machine

Any company that sends out 8 second class letters per day or more can make substantial savings by switching from stamped mail to using a MailMark franking machine. In fact, Totalpost’s latest estimates show that even at this low level, a business that switches from stamped to franked mail could save £374.40 a year.

The more mail your business sends out, the bigger the value of the saving that could be achieved through switching to a franking machine. For example, at the top of the scale, any company that sends out more than 350 items of mail a day could save £16,380.00 a year just by changing from stamped mail to a franking machine.

MailMark franking machine users receive a discount on every item of mail sent, saving 18p on every second class letter and 12p on every first class letter. This means a first class franked letter is now cheaper to send than a second class stamped letter.

As well as making significant savings, using a franking machine also comes with other benefits. Staff time spent on dealing with mail is reduced, as all of your mailing needs can be undertaken in-house. Additionally, many of the modern franking machine systems come with additional benefits such as customisable label printing to enable the use of marketing on your mail.

Totalpost is a Royal Mail approved franking machine supplier and maintainer. We offer an extensive range of franking machines manufactured and designed by Pitney Bowes and Neopost.

Our franking machine experts can talk you through the various options to help you find the right franking system for your business.

Envelope Sealers Click here to see more.

Maag Mercure Watermarked

Envelope sealing machines are designed to ease the process of sealing large volumes of envelopes. Automatic sealers are compact and easy to operate. Automatic envelope sealers are the most economical way of sealing envelopes hands free.

These machines do not require any manual wetting, flap folding or sealing of envelopes. An automatic sealing machine starts and stops automatically, thus increasing productivity.

Totalpost specialises in time and money saving mailroom solutions, our envelope sealer significantly reduces the time required to get mail ready for postage. Especially when processing large mailings like invoices, credit control or marketing promotions.

Mailroom Security Click here to see more.

Hidden threats in letters, packets and small parcels are a growing concern for many businesses. While such occurrences are still fairly low, some businesses are adding mailroom security screening devices to ensure staff are kept safe.

In some organisations, where a lot of mail is received every day, mailroom security measures are becoming part of standard insurance requirements.

There are several types of mailroom security screening devices available from a desktop mail screening device that sits easily on a reception desk through to a conveyor screening device that can easily screen whole sacks of mail at once for fast mailroom security screening.

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