Franking Machines – High Use

For users processing in excess of 350 pieces of mail per day

Companies that send over 350 second class standard letters per day can make a daily saving of £63.00 or an annual saving of £16,380.00 when using a high volume franking machine compared to using stamps.

This range of franking machines are the highest spec incorporating state-of-the-art processes and intelligent design they make mail processing easy and efficient. They are able to cope easily with a variety of different types of mail, put the user completely in control and operate at processing speeds of up to 150 mail items per minute.

The franking machines we recommend for larger volumes of mail are:

Neopost IN600 AF Franking Machine

The IN600 AF Franking Machine is a mailroom machine designed for businesses with greater mail output needs. It provides fast and reliable processing through an automatic feeder and label dispenser.

Pitney Bowes DM400c Franking Machine

The digital meter of the DM400C Franking Machine satisfies all current postal regulations, and the technology it uses is flexible enough to make it perfect for a business that aspires to grow.

Neopost IN700 Franking Machine

The largest franking machine available from Totalpost, the IN700 combines advanced digital technology with a sleek look to comfortably fit into any modern office environment.

Pitney Bowes Sendpro P1500 Digital Mailing System

  The SendPro P1500 simplifies the process by integrating mailing and receiving into a single system. With this combination, the P1500 provides a simpler, more streamlined way to send letter mail and large envelopes, and track inbound deliveries. With the receiving application, you can accurately log all of your incoming packages and important documents so […]

Pitney Bowes Sendpro 1000 Digital Mailing System

The PB Sendpro 1000 Digital Mailing System provides a suite of applications that will ensure your mail is processed quickly and cost effectively. Save money by shopping for package and parcel shipments through your machine and understand your postage spend profile by accessing the suite of inbuilt reports. This is valuable information that you don’t have […]

Pitney Bowes Sendpro 2000 Digital Mailing System

The Pitney Bowes Sendpro 2000 Digital Mailing System is not only just a Digital Franking Machine, it also allows you to print your logo, marketing message or attention-grabbing graphics on every piece of mail you send – all in high-resolution colour and without having to stock large volumes of pre-printed envelopes. The colour display monitor is the […]

Pitney Bowes Sendpro P3000 Digital Mailing System

Promote your business across the full length of the envelope in full colour, top and bottom, front or back. The Mailmark™ ready Connect+™ is easy to use with an intuitive colour touch-screen, built-in on-screen tutorials and programmable job presets… all designed to maximize productivity. 310 letters per min in standard mode 205 letters per minute in Weigh-on-the-Way mode 15″ […]

Neopost IS6000 Franking Machine

The IS6000 has been designed with the operator in mind.  You will immediately notice that all mailing operations are controlled from the same area, creating the ideal ergonomic workspace. The height-adjustable 15” touch-screen moves backwards and forwards, swivels left and right and moves up and down, providing a comfortable working environment for all of the operators using the […]