Benefits of Document Scanning for your business?

What are the benefits of Document Scanning for you and your business? 

There is an ongoing issue throughout a vast array of businesses where managing paper documents simply becomes a nuisance, as all time, money and space is lost in doing so.

At Totalpost Mailing Ltd, we provide a service to our clients that ensures a fast, safe and efficient scanning of company documents.

But why should a company invest in such a service?

Below you will find 5 significant reasons and benefits that opting for Totalpost and our Document Scanning solutions will provide:

1. Reduces Company Costs –  Arguably the most important benefit that Totalpost’s Document Scanning provides is the fact that it will reduce costs. With documents now being digitalised there is no cost in mailing, copying and storing therefore saving you and your business money.

2. Provides More Office Space – With Totalpost’s document scanning the need for such furniture as filing cabinets or document storage units becomes obsolete. We will reduce the amount of space occupied by paper documents to free up and declutter your office so you can utilise it in new and more effective ways.

3. Security – With Document Scanning Totalpost provide further security for your documents to protect them from both theft and damage. Digitising documents allows protection through the likes of firewalls and passwords. It is also beneficial with regard to the recovery process, this is much quicker and more efficient than that of physical documents as it is easier to back-up.

4. Environmentally Friendly – Document scanning also proves to be environmentally friendly since there is less demand for paper and less of it being produced.

5. Saves Time & Improves Customer Service – These two factors work hand in hand, using our Document Scanning service provides access to documents that can be easily and quickly searched, archived and retrieved which would then streamline customer service and the ability to handle customer enquiries.

How do we do this?

We do this through our dedicated and secure procession centre based in Warrington, UK. The process involves checking the documents into our system, where they are then prepared, scanned and indexed to our client’s needs and requirements. The scanned images will then be returned in a pre-determined form i.e. CD, Pen drive etc.

To find out more about our document scanning solution call us on Tel: 0845 4900360 or email

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