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It’s been brought to my attention by my office manager that our waste paper recycling costs have gone up by 25% in the last six months. We have had an account review with our recycling contractor and it has come to light that our waste paper volume has gone up. Is there anything we can do to address this?

Answer from, Print and Paper Expert at Totalpost:

We are seeing a lot of our customers raising this issue. There are several different options we can provide that would allow control and eliminate waste paper over night. This in turn would bring in efficiencies and significant cost savings. But more importantly it would allow you to address company document work flows. As a starting point we would look at your printing volumes and the type of documents which are being printed. We will be able to look at user profiles to see if there are some staff members that are printing more than others. If your paper wastage cost is high, it is likely that your print costs are also high so we would analyse all options across the board to ensure maximum efficiencies and savings were made.

As a starting point I would recommend a full print audit which we are able to provide free of charge.



We receive around 150,000 invoices a year from our suppliers. We currently send these to the relevant managers for approval who then send them back to us for final sign-off. This is a very manual and time consuming process, is there any way it can be automated?

Answer from, Print and Paper Expert at Totalpost:

Yes, there is a way to streamline and automate this process. We supply a system called Totalcapture Solutions.

Through this we can digitise all your invoices as they are received making them fully traceable through the sign off process. Invoices are seamlessly scanned using data capture technology to include information of supplier, invoice number and total amount. All this information is then stored in one central and secure digital area. Invoices can then be sorted, classified and distributed from here without any need to handle paper.

Totalpcapture Solutions can also be used to automate the distribution and routing of your invoices using complex matching and approval rules which can be set up to your requirements. There are many other options and configurations within the system that may provide further efficiencies. We would recommend an audit is undertaken by us as a starting point so that we can tailor the service around you.



My receptionist is spending more and more time packing envelopes, this is on a daily basis, but it is taking her all her time at the end of each month. Is there anything we can do to reduce this?

Answer from, Mailroom Expert at Totalpost:

There are many solutions that can assist you with efficiencies in your document work flow. My first thought would be to address the issue of the receptionist’s time by providing an automatic folder inserter machine. This is an easy to use, desktop device which will automatically fill the envelopes freeing up your receptionists time for other tasks.

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