X-Ray – Mobile Detection


Totalpost Mailing & Mechanisation Ltd provide a wide variety of mobile security screening and detection units. These units utilise X-Ray threat detection security screening technology from Astrophysics custom built into minivans, vans and trailers to provide mobile X-Ray threat detection.

These systems utilise the latest Astrophysics X-Ray threat detection security screening technology within mobile units. They include many of the great features which Astrophysics technology is known for including 6 colour imaging and varying tunnel dimensions.

Additionally they come with additional variations for user comfort including air conditioning and in some cases a separate operator cabin for additional user security.

There are different models available for different sizes of location and some can be used across both urban and rugged terrain. The full range of mobile X-Ray threat detection solutions from Totalpost are:

XIS Minivan

Astrophysics XIS-Minivan

Astrophysics XIS-Minivan Brochure

Astrophysics XIS-Van

Astrophysics XIS-VAN Brochure