Astrophysics XIS-6545DV

To find out more about the Astrophysics XIS-6545DV, call one of Totalpost’s X-Ray screening experts on Tel: 0845 4900360 or email

The XIS-6545DV has been qualified by the Transportation Security Association (TSA).

This threat detection system utilises all the benefits of the standard XIS-6545 with the addition of Dual View (DV) technology.

The dual X-Ray generators create two different image perspectives which can be manipulated independently; a great feature which allows security operatives to see more and therefore identify threats more easily.

Additionally the XIS-6545DV has 6 colour imaging technology and atomic Z-number measurement. These features further enhance the images that the security operative sees and so makes screening more thorough.

This, like all the XIS machines, features Real-Time diagnostics. This is another unique feature of the Astrophysics range which enables operatives to easily monitor their machine’s health. This feature has been proven to increase the lifespan of the system.

The XIS-6545DV is designed for high threat screening at airports, government buildings, hospitals, banks and corporate sites.

  • 6 Colour Imaging
  • 9 Quadrant Zoom
  • Atomic Z-Number Measurement
  • Autom Image Archiving (50,000 images)
  • Baggage Counter
  • Colour and Black & White Imaging
  • Continuous Scanning
  • Continuous Zoom 2x to 32x
  • Density Alert
  • Edge-Enhancmement Imaging
  • Geometric Image Distortion Correction
  • High Penetration Function
  • Heavy Duty Roller Casters
  • Image Annotation
  • Image Review (100 images)
  • Manual Bitmap Archive
  • Material Discrimination
  • Multi-Tier Accessibility
  • Network Ready
  • Organic/Inorganic Imaging
  • Operator Training Programme
  • Picture Perfect
  • Print Image Capable
  • Pseudo Colour
  • Real-Time Image Manipulation
  • Real-Time Self Diagnostics
  • Reverse Monochrome
  • Vertical Zoom Panning

* Please note that features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Tunnel Opening W x H 65 cm x 45 cm / 26” x 18”
Dimensions L x W x H 213 cm x 106.4 cm x 129 cm / 83.9” x 41.9” x 50.8”
Net Weight Approximately 526 kg / 1160 lbs