X-Ray – Mail and Parcels


Security Screening of Mail and Parcels

Totalpost Mailing & Mechanisation Ltd provides an extensive range of X-Ray security screening systems designed for threat inspection and detection across a diverse range of environments from office receptions and mailrooms right through to prisons and airports.

A full range of both conveyer X-Ray threat detection systems and cabinet X-Ray security screening devices from well known manufacturers including Astrophysics Inc and Analysed Images are included in Totalpost’s range. This set of threat detection equipment has been designed for the security screening of mail, purses, bags, backpacks and small parcels. We stock conveyer X-Ray technology and cabinet X-Ray security screening equipment specifically designed for this market. We are the sole UK and Ireland distributor of Astrophysics Inc’s X-Ray threat detection systems.

The Astrophysics Inc range of threat detection security screening equipment is arguably the most advanced in the world offering unique features such as six colour imaging and 3D feel depth impressions. The scientists and engineers at Astrophysics are constantly developing more advanced technologies which enable Totalpost to provide our customers with the most advanced threat detection security screening equipment on the market.

In addition to the Astrophysics conveyer X-Ray systems to complete the range we also supply Analysed Images cabinet X-Ray security screening equipment. Totalpost stock several different types of conveyer and cabinet type X-Ray threat detection equipment for this market including:

Astrophysics XIS-5335

Astrophysics XIS-5335

The XIS-5335 is the smallest system in the XIS Series and is designed for screening objects ranging from mailroom parcels to purses and backpacks.
Xray 5335s

Astrophysics XIS-5335S

The XIS-5335S is a small yet powerful X-Ray inspection system with a tunnel size of 53.3 x 35.4 cm (21” x 14”). The XIS-5335S is the ideal system for screening small scale objects with increased penetration, revealing liquid explosives, IEDs, contraband, narcotics and weapons.
Astrophysics XIS 6040

Astrophysics XIS-6040

The XIS-6040 X-Ray inspection system is Transportation Security Administration (TSA) qualified and features a tunnel opening of 600 x 400 mm (23.6” x 15.7”). The XIS-6040 offers a compact design with increased dimensions to enable a wider range of placement and screening of more diverse objects.
xray 6545

Astrophysics XIS-6545

Ideal for screening small to medium sized objects, the XIS-6545 is the first product ever manufactured by Astrophysics and is known for its reliability, ease of use, versatility across many environments and its effective threat detection.

Astrophysics XIS-6545DV

The dual X-Ray generators create two different image perspectives which can be manipulated independently; a great feature which allows security operatives to see more and therefore identify threats more easily.