Astrophysics XIS-7858

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The XIS-7858 is the largest in the XIS small parcel screening range. This X-Ray threat screening device has been qualified by the Transportation Security Association (TSA), one of the highest forms of approval in this market.

The XIS-7858 X-Ray system is the ideal solution for the screening of small parcels within airports and government buildings as well as other business applications.

This threat detection screening machine features a maximised tunnel size of 780 mm (30.5 in) wide by 580 mm (22.6 in) high and has been optimised for the rapid inspection of small articles, allowing the XIS to inspect them with state-of-the-art imaging.

Additionally it has a minimised system footprint for efficient screening of small to medium-size parcels.

The XIS-7858 has been designed to be networked with other inspection systems for high speed data transmission via Ethernet. It uses a Windows 2000 based operating system running a TCP/IP network protocol system. Images from each XIS-7858 can be sent through the network to a central server where they are viewed, stored, or printed.

    • 6 Colour Imaging
    • 9 Quadrant Zoom
    • Atomic Z-Number Measurement
    • Auto Image Archiving (50,000 images)
    • Baggage Counter
    • Colour and Black & White Imaging
    • Continuous Scanning
    • Continuous Zoom 2x to 32x
    • Density Alert
    • Edge-Enhancement Imaging
    • Geometric Image Distortion Correction
    • High Penetration Function
    • Heavy Duty Roller Casters
    • Image Annotation
    • Image Review (100 images)
    • Manual Bitmap Archive
    • Material Discrimination
    • Multi-Tier Accessibility
    • Network Ready
    • Organic/Inorganic Imaging
    • Operator Training Programme
    • Picture Perfect
    • Print Image Capable
    • Pseudo Colour
    • Real-Time Image Manipulation
    • Real-Time Self Diagnostics
    • Reverse Monochrome
    • Vertical Zoom Panning

* Please note that features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Tunnel Opening W x H 77.5 cm x 58.3 cm / 30.5” x 23”
Dimensions L x W x H 188 cm x 100 cm x 139.4 cm / 74” x 39.4” x 54.9”
Net Weight Approximately 691 kg / 1520 lbs


Astrophysics XIS 7858 Brochure