CEIA Classic Walk-Through Metal Detector

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Part of the CEIA range of walk through metal detection devices. The CLASSIC is a good, standard walk through metal detection device. It is an ideal people screening device for government buildings, schools, hotels, amusement parks, nightclubs and events.

The CEIA Classic is easy to install and is known industry wide as the easiest walk-through metal detection device to use that is available on the market.

This device is able to cope with a high flow rate of people passing through it and has intelligence built in to ensure the false alarm rate is kept to an absolute minimum. While it will detect metals it has been designed to allow everyday items such as coins and belts. This means minimum disruption to those being screened and a fast throughput rate.

This device is so easy to use that no specialist training is required. It complies with all international security standards and has been selected worldwide by security agencies to protect government officials.

      • High level of Detection Uniformity
      • Leading Edge Technology
      • Quick Installation
      • Easy to Use
      • Suitable for portable applications
      • No Maintenance Required
      • Affordable pricing

* Please note that features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Main Features – Digitally-adjustable sensitivity with a wide
range of values
– All functions programmable and controlled
by a microprocessor
– Programming access protected by hardware
– Multiple installations: automatic
synchronization between two or more metal
detectors with a reciprocal distance of down
to 2” (5 cm) without the use of cables
– Professional high integration and reliable
– Control unit incorporated into the detector
– No initial or periodic calibration
– Easy maintenance: modular control unit for
a rapid replacement
– Color: light grey RAL 7040
Power Supply 100/115/230 VAC, +10/-20% ,
45 ÷ 65 Hz, 20 VA max
Height 2152mm
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 70°C
(-37°C to +70°C upon request)
Storage Temperature da -37°C a +70°
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (without
Alarm Modes – High intensity display
– Green and red metering signals proportional
to the mass of the object detected
– High acoustic intensity alarm signal
– Volume and tone of alarm signal can be
Compliance – Complies with Regulations relating to
pacemakers, defibrillators or other vital
support systems, pregnant women and
magnetic storage media (CD, audio cassettes, video cassettes and similar)
– Conforms to the current International
Security Standards for Walk-Through Metal
– Complies with EC Regulations and
International Standards relating to Electrical
Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Accessories – Stabilizing Plates
– Test samples
– Metal Detector Divesting Table:
this article acts both as a spacer
between the X-ray unit and the
Metal Detector an d as
a temporary depository for
metal personal effects
– Transport Bag:
protects the Metal Detector during transport
and storage