X-Ray – Metal Detectors


Totalpost Mailing Ltd supply a wide range of CEIA metal detection equipment to complement a full range of security screening threat detection systems.

From the clever EMIS-MAIL for screening letters and packets through to a range of specialist walk through metal detectors and handheld screening.

When it comes to security screening we’ve all the products needed to stay safe and secure.

CEIA EMIS-MAIL Letter, Packet and Parcel Screening

The CEIA EMIS-MAIL is a clever metal detection designed to detect hidden threats in letters, packets and parcels and specifically looks for IED devices. Unlike other devices of this size the EMIS-MAIL has built in intelligence to differentiate between threats and everyday items such as paper clips and staples.

CEIA HI-PE Multi Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

The CEIA HI-PE Multi Range Metal Detector is a specialist, high performance walk through metal detector which uses intelligent analysis to measure a persons height and indicate where on the body the hidden threat is located.

PD140E Handheld Metal Detector

The PD140E is the industry leading hand held metal detection device in terms of the level of technology used. It is ideal for use across a variety of different location and scenarios including airports, prisons, government buildings, nuclear facilities, public events and schools.