X-Ray – Mail and Small Parcels

Security Screening of Mail and Parcels

Totalpost Mailing Ltd provides an extensive range of X-Ray security screening systems designed for threat inspection and detection across a diverse range of environments from office receptions and mailrooms right through to prisons and airports.

A full range of conveyer X-Ray threat detection systems from well known manufacturers VMI Security. This set of threat detection equipment has been designed for the security screening of mail, purses, bags, backpacks and small parcels. We stock conveyer X-Ray technology, security screening equipment specifically designed for this market.

The VMI Security range of threat detection security screening equipment is among the most advanced in the world offering features such as six colour imaging and 3D feel depth impressions. The scientists and engineers at VMI Security are constantly developing more advanced technologies which enable Totalpost to provide our customers with the some of the most advanced threat detection security screening equipment on the market.