Spectrum Cargo Compact

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The spectrum Cargo Compact was designed to meet the highest demands. Using technology that transmits low doses of radiation allowing the permanence of the driver inside of the vehicle while it passes through the inspection tunnel. Smuggling, illicit goods, tax evasion products and explosives inside of the vehicle can easily be identified by the system. It provides dynamic inspection, ensuring high volumes of traffic with high reliability
in the analysis of results.

X-Ray Source X-Ray tube cooled oil
Speed 4 kph – 15 kph
Maximum vehicle size 3m (W) x 3m (H) x no limit (L)
Inspection method Drive through
Inspection flow 150 vehicles per hour
Beam energy 320kV (200kV optional)
Steel penetration* 70 mm (40mm)
Maximum dose absorbed by the driver <0.19 uSv (<0.12uSv) inspection at 8 kph