Transec review – the future of transport security

The level of interest shown in the 2012 Transport Security Expo (Transec) held during the last week shows that the security of our transport infrastructure is still very high on the agenda.

Held at Olympia on 14th and 15th November there was a great buzz of activity around the show. All conceivable forms of security technology were on show and the latest issues were debated.

What was evident though is that security is now becoming much more proactive than in previous years. In the past to a great extent the security industry had constantly been playing catch-up.

In fact it could be argued that the industry has been guilty of reacting only after the event. The challenge for security equipment developers has been to respond to and encompass the increasing breadth of likely threats before they occur – no easy feat.

We are now starting to see security devices developing at such a great and rapid rate that finally the industry is getting ahead of the perceived threats.

At the Transec show, this was perhaps most noticeable in the Astrophysics SurroundView prototype, an X-Ray screening device that utilises 7 views and kinetic depth technology to allow operators to see more in greater clarity. In fact this technology even allows the operator the luxury of looking around corners and edges.

At Totalpost we were very pleased to share a stand with Astrophysics Inc and as their exclusive UK & Ireland supplier are very excited by the incredible new technologies that they are continually developing.

In summary the latest devices coming onto the market are ensuring that we can see more of what is inside an object, thus ensuring terrorists have nowhere to hide.


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