Totalpost unveils mail scanning technology

Mailroom specialists Totalpost Services Plc has introduced X-Ray scanning technology to its comprehensive range of business continuity and disaster recovery services.

Installed at Totalpost’s Warrington and Swindon sites, the new facilities are part of a £300K investment and provide effective protection against hoax, criminal and terrorist mail for major clients including banks, building societies and mail order companies.

The device is able to scan 300 items per cycle, with a capacity of scanning about 15,000 items per hour. The high-resolution imagery enables the detection of metals, powders, explosives and bio-hazards.

If any suspicious letters or packages are detected, the facility can be locked down, and the police provided with a CCTV image.

“This latest phase of investment has given us a fantastic piece of equipment that adds real value to our business continuity and disaster recovery offering,” said Totalpost Northern Contracts Manager, Chris James.

Established in 2002, Totalpost provides an off site, end-to-end mail management and processing package for major businesses whose internal operations are affected by staff shortages, business peaks, technical or software failure or emergencies such as fire and flooding.

Services include mail sorting and opening, fulfilment, returned mail, document scanning and storage.

Totalpost Services Plc Managing Director David Hymers MBE said: “Too many organisations are failing to plan ahead, believing it will never happen to them.

“Some of the major disasters such as fire and flood may be exceptional occurrences but viruses, security breaches, data corruption and technical failures are becoming increasingly common and posing major threats to a company’s viability.”

David continued: “When it happens to our clients, we can seamlessly restore business operations at one of our own well-equipped operations centres using back-up data and technology. Disruption is minimised, service levels are maintained and client’s reputation and bottom line are safeguarded.

“The fact is that 90 per cent of businesses that lose data without back-up go out of business within two years. It pays to plan ahead,” he added.

Totalpost currently operates from centres in Warrington, Swindon and Cumbria.

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