Totalpost now support Major Clients with two dedicated Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery offices

Totalpost Services Plc (Totalpost) are a leading supplier of mailroom technology and also provide nationwide third party maintenance on mailroom, print room and scanner equipment for many public sector Departments and leading Banks, Building Societies, Utility Companies and major Outsourcing Companies which involves service on high capacity mail extraction & opening systems manufactured by firms such as Opex, Neopost, Pitney Bowes and Stielow; and also, for example, Kodak, Canon and Fujitsu scanners.

In recognition of customer requests to provide facilities for Business Continuity in the event of Disaster Invocation and to provide support premises to handle seasonal peak load processing.

Totalpost have now opened new premises in Warrington and Swindon which are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to provide “end to end” facilities for inbound mail. This includes acceptance, X-Ray, opening, batching, scanning, indexing and then output to the client’s server.

This will make considerable savings for the client, who will not have to make further capital purchases for equipment that would only be used infrequently, nor establish new premises purely for their own business continuity needs..

Full access control security inside and outside the premises is provided as well as camera monitoring of all key areas in the premises and for the processes. Furthermore, from a security aspect, all Totalpost staff have been positively vetted via Police checks, and are ISO9000:2008 accredited for quality assurance.

The premises are each others Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity support and each facility is structured so that a customer can have a solution tailored to their requirements. A business relationship has developed with another major provider of IT and back office Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity facilities, which then offers the client 100% peace of mind that every aspect of their business can continue, within 24 hours of a disaster interrupting business.

For seasonal peak load, a low cost fee is applied to cover the use of premises and machinery and in this case, the processing of incoming mail will soon be expanded to include the handling of peak load out bound mail as well.

Each client is considered as unique and Totalpost have a strong team of experienced people to ensure the service provided fits the required needs at what has already been called “exceptionally good value for money” by existing users.

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