Totalpost exhibit kinetic depth X-Ray screening prototype for the first time in the UK at the Transport Security Expo 2012

Totalpost Services Plc and Astrophysics Inc will be exhibiting a prototype of the first X-Ray threat detection system to utilise the latest kinetic depth screening technology at Transec 2012.

This prototype has been tested and part funded by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is based on initial information gathered through a study entitled “Kinetic depth improves security screening” which was carried out byNottingham Universityhere in the UK. The study found that utilising kinetic depth technology actually enhanced the 3D awareness of objects ultimately making scanned objects easier and clearer to see.

Following this initial study the DHS commissioned Astrophysics to build a prototype based on the research undertaken. This machine was named the SurroundView. Not only does this machine provide 7 different views of the screened object via a “rocking motion” display but the innovative on-screen presentation provides kinetic depth perception within a bag helping to dramatically de-clutter and enhance image perception.

On tests carried out on the prototype, views displayed sequentially (in a rocking motion) were found to provide a small shift in perspective and therefore a powerful depth through relative motion effect. In layman’s terms the study found that this, “helps improve significantly the detect ability of potential threats.”

This approach is a significant step forward for the industry. The SurroundView technology looks to be able to provide an important new threat discrimination capability. The combination of an innovative “rocking” motion display with state of the art high resolution imaging and, importantly, display modes and tools that screeners are already familiar with and trained to use, enhances the operator’s ability and enables him or her to detect and identify threats more intelligently.

In summary, Astrophysics Inc., whose sole supplier in theUK and Ireland is Totalpost, is leading the way in ensuring that the threat detection devices being developed provide substantially up-rated imaging and inspection tools allowing operators to see more than ever. This progressive technology is the future for a wide range of screening applications, the more that we can see the more threats we will stop.

To find out more about the study and to see the SurroundView prototype machine in action for yourself come and see us on stand at Transec (D14) or call Kate Simpson on Tel: 07785 468694.

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