Totalpost create new ‘Cartridges’ section to website

The Totalpost team have been working hard over the past few weeks to create the new ‘cartridges’ section to the Totalpost Services Plc Website. The new drop down menu of the ‘Cartridges’ section now features individual sections on ‘Remanufacturing supplies’, ‘Franking Machine Consumables’ and ‘Cartridge Remanufacturing’.

“This upgrade to the Totalpost website is demonstrating our determination to showcase our cartridge offers to dealers, and the public worldwide. Not only are we ready to sell, but we also welcome the public to talk to our cartridge experts, about their individual wants and needs” – Bruce Lenton, Production & Compliance Manager at Totalpost Services Plc.

The new Remanufacturing Supplies page illustrates the remanufacturing products Totalpost currently supply. This includes:

• Concentrated Cartridge Flush Solution
• Ready to use Cartridge Flush Solution
• Laboratory Grade
• Paper Rolls for use in all CBR testing machines
• High Quality inks for remanufacturing

The new Franking Machine Consumables page, explains our broad range of available compatible and remanufactured alternative franker/meter ink and ribbon cartridges, we provide to dealers worldwide. Furthermore whether you’re a mailroom machine dealer, web seller, or a general ink and toner dealer that wishes to diversify, Totalpost have a unique and comprehensive range of products. Which have been produced from our manufacturing and distribution premises in the UK, and the USA.

The new Cartridge Remanufacturing page, reinstates that Totalpost have been remanufacturing franking machine ink consumables in bulk, for more than five years to leading markets worldwide. These five years have given us a wealth of experience, and extensive knowledge of the ink cartridge remanufacturing industry. Furthermore we are appointed as the main exclusive UK and Ireland distributors, for the excellent and high quality CBR range of remanufacturing equipment.

For more information on cartridge remanufacturing, supplies, or franking machine consumables, please contact the Totalpost team on Tel: 0845 4900360 or email:

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