David Hymers attends UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Penrith event

  As an “export Champion” for Department for International Trade, David, Chairman (DIT) of Totalpost Mailing Ltd. is one of some 60 others representing successful exporters in NW England and is often asked to give talks to first time exporters or those wishing to grow their business exports, by providing examples of how Totalpost grew to […]

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Secure Mail Screening Facility at Totalpost

Secure Mail Screening World events and recent building evacuations have made an air-gap between incoming materials and core business operations critical to guarding against costly business disruptions. A secure mail screening process is vital for companies receiving large amounts of incoming mail to ensure the flow of your business is not interrupted. Totalpost Services Plc. provides scalable on and offsite secure […]

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Totalpost Services Plc Holds International Seminar

Totalpost has held their first international meeting, bringing together representatives from the US,France,Germany,South Africa and the UK. This comes following Totalpost’s rapid expansion over the last 6 months in which they have opened companies in France and Germany and are now opening a subsidiary in South Africa. Hosted by the parent company, Totalpost Services Plc […]

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