Totalpost’s Sales Team Secure more Franking Machine Deals for Totalpost!

These last few weeks the sales team at Totalpost Services Plc have been working hard to secure lots of franking machine sales for the UK Mailroom Operation. This included the sales of one DM60, two DM160i and one DM200i from the Pitney Bowes range, two Neopost IS280 franking machines and, many more. The Neopost IS280 and Pitney […]

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Royal Mail Rate Change 2015 – Time to Change to Franking

It’s rate change time again and for any company using stamps rather than franking, this year’s big Royal Mail savings could be the catalyst you need to make the switch. Any business that sends out mail everyday should be considering using a franking machine rather than stamps. We recommend that businesses that send 8 second […]

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Are you ready for the franking rate change?

It’s the annual Royal Mail rate change at the end of March. If you are a franking machine user this means your supplier will need to visit you to update the rate that your franking machine charges you for postage. The bad news is that with the rate change, the franking prices have gone up […]

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Looking to make office efficiencies? Start with a mailroom audit

The start of the new working year is an ideal time to look at how efficiencies can be made in the office. Making simple changes can add up to big savings over a whole 12 month period. Streamlining office processes can seem like a daunting task. However, the mailroom is a good place to start […]

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Franked mail hints and tips

  Preparing franked mail for postage –  This may seem like a simple process but from our mailroom audits we’ve found that many franking machine users over pay on postage simply by packaging items incorrectly or assigning the wrong level of postage.  Fold post where possible – Sometimes simply folding a letter and placing it […]

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What do knee-high boots and the new postage tariffs have in common?

Since the postal rate changes on 2nd April we’ve seen a lot of concern from small businesses and in the press regarding what the financial impact of the price changes will be. There’s also been a lot of confusion and since the launch many have been trying to understand what the new sizes mean. That’s […]

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Totalpost updates mailroom security at top UK insurer

One of the biggest insurance companies in the UK has taken delivery of 3 top of the range conveyer and cabinet X-Ray threat detection screening systems from Totalpost Services Plc to screen their incoming mail. Intended for use within their mailrooms the new equipment is located at multiple sites across the country. The screening devices […]

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Totalpost unveils mail scanning technology

Mailroom specialists Totalpost Services Plc has introduced X-Ray scanning technology to its comprehensive range of business continuity and disaster recovery services. Installed at Totalpost’s Warrington and Swindon sites, the new facilities are part of a £300K investment and provide effective protection against hoax, criminal and terrorist mail for major clients including banks, building societies and […]

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