Security Screening for the Police and Military

The Totalpost X-Ray Threat Detection team has been at the Home Office Security and Policing Exhibition in Farnborough all week.

Here we’ve been exhibiting a variety of X-Ray screening products designed with checkpoint security and security screening of all types in mind. The machines available range from cabinet devices for screening smaller objects such a bags or parcels, right through to large machines which are capable of screening pallets.

At Security and Policing we have been proud to show off the latest technology via a special 7 view X-Ray machine prototype. Developed by world renowned Astrophysics Inc.

This revolutionary piece of kit actually has its roots in the UK as the original work on this idea was carried out byNottinghamTrentUniversitywith funding from the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB), now the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST). The technology was then further developed in the US partly funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

The machine, dubbed “SurroundView” provides 7 different views of the screened object over an angular range of -21 degrees to +21 degrees via a “rocking motion display” and provides kinetic depth perception to help de-clutter and enhance image perception.

Today is the last chance for visitors to the Security and Policing Exhibition to have a look at and demonstration of this fantastic machine.

Come and see us on stand C18 or give us a call on Tel: 0845 4900360 to arrange a private viewing.

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