Secure Mail Screening Facility at Totalpost

Secure Mail Screening

World events and recent building evacuations have made an air-gap between incoming materials and core business operations critical to guarding against costly business disruptions. A secure mail screening process is vital for companies receiving large amounts of incoming mail to ensure the flow of your business is not interrupted.


Totalpost Services Plc. provides scalable on and offsite secure mail screening solutions from simple X-Raying to advanced detection and content extraction. Conveniently located on the M4 Corridor, the Swindon offsite centre offers complete screening and sorting eliminating the risk of exposure to your firm while minimizing processing delays.

Totalpost Services Plc. Secure Mail Screening is already being carried out  for very high importance organisations who need secure, confidential off-site mail screening facilities.

Call Us 0845 4900360 or email today to learn how we can help your firm safely and economically screen incoming items.

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