Royal Mail Rate Change 2015 – Time to Change to Franking

It’s rate change time again and for any company using stamps rather than franking, this year’s big Royal Mail savings could be the catalyst you need to make the switch.

Any business that sends out mail everyday should be considering using a franking machine rather than stamps.

We recommend that businesses that send 8 second class letters a day or more can make significant savings.

A few letters a day (8)

Let’s take an entry level scenario to see what savings can be made.

A normal business that send out 8 second class letters a day can save £1.44 a day, or £374.40p a year just by switching to using a new franking machine.

A stack of letters (50)

For any business that send out more than 50 letters a day we would recommend a slightly larger machine with more automation features included. Let’s face it, it’s a chore to stand a feed 50 letters through a franking machine every day.

Based on 50 second class letters a day, this group could save £9 a day or £3,240 a year simply by switching from stamps to franking.

Sacks and sacks of letters (350)

Lots of letters means lots of savings and I’d guess that any business that sends out this amount of mail is already using a franking machine.

However in case there are any that haven’t made the switch, if you are sending out 350 second class letters a day, you can save £16,380 a year by switching to a franking machine.

These price comparisons are based on MailMark pricing

All new franking machines use MailMark pricing because they are smart meter machines. This is great for users because MailMark franking prices are lower than standard franking prices.

Why is there a difference between standard franking prices and MailMark franking prices?

Apart from the fact that MailMark is cheaper…

It’s all about the Mark. MailMark uses a machine readable 2D barcode to enable more efficient mail processing. Pricing is automatic and so more accurate.

Why work with Totalpost?

We are a completely independent British manufacturer and we work with lots of other manufacturers.

We are not tied to one mailing option or to one supplier. We will look at your mailroom processes and volumes through a free mail audit and make recommendations tailored to your business.

We will never try to fit a solution to you that isn’t right for your business. Whether it is franking, hybrid mail, outsourcing, DCS or a combination of several solutions. We will advise on the method that will have the biggest impact on your business.

To find out more give us a call on Tel: 0845 4900 360 we will be happy to help.

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