Rock Oil makes 33% Postage Savings following Totalpost Mailroom Audit

One of our new estDM300 franking machinemailroom clients, Rock Oil, who are a high performance lubricants manufacturer, has saved 33% (over £1,500) on postage following a mailroom audit with us.

Our mailroom experts undertook a full assessment of Rock Oil’s mailroom needs last summer before making some final recommendations. One of the biggest findings was that Rock Oil could make significant savings by switching from stamped to franked mail.

The company sends out over 20,000 items of mail a year which is mainly made up of second class letters. We projected that by using a franking machine they could achieve savings in excess of £3,000 a year.

Five months into the project, £1,500 has already been saved and Rock Oil is on track to exceed the initial predictions.

Rock Oil opted for a Pitney Bowes DM300 franking machine. This is a medium-sized machine capable of processing up to 65 letters a minute. As well as franking and processing your mail this particular franking machine also saves the user time by sealing and stacking the mail ready for collection.

Speaking about the change in their mailroom processing, Greg Hewitt, Director at Rock Oil says: “The mailroom audit carried out by Totalpost highlighted some interesting findings in terms of the predicted savings we could make. We are very pleased that the savings have exceeded our expectations in the first 5 months of use. The franking machine is extremely easy to use and has helped us streamline our mailroom processes.”

Mark Wright, Totalpost’s Regional Sales Manager says: “Rock Oil is a great example of how businesses can easily make mailroom savings, their mailroom audit quickly highlighted this. Any company that sends more than an average of 8 second class letters a day can make savings by switching from stamped to franked mail.”

We are one of the only mailroom providers to create tailor-made contracts around our customers, we can do this because we are an independent provider. This gives us much greater flexibility in the services and terms that we can provide to our clients.


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