Planning for Mailroom Continuity

We’re coming to the end of Business Continuity Awareness Week which has been designed to raise awareness about the importance of embedding a business continuity plan within every organisation’s strategy.

Put simply this is about assessing a businesses key functions and thinking about how they would cope if these functions were disrupted by an event such as a flood or a fire – how would customers be affected?

Many businesses take their physical mailroom function for granted, however post both incoming and outgoing is still one of the main ways in which many companies communicate with their customers. Take for example banks, councils, utility providers, for these companies an event which disrupted their mailroom could mean customers not receiving statements and bills, and, the company not receiving cheques.

Therefore having a plan in place for the continuity of your mailroom can be essential. Totalpost runs some of the only mailroom disaster recovery centres in the country.

We have two centres dedicated to mailroom disaster recovery and mailroom business continuity management. Here we provide an end-to-end mail opening, document scanning and processing service. This is all provided within an environment of bank standard security. Additionally we are able to provide other essential mailroom processes such as peak load processing.

For many businesses having a mailroom disaster recovery plan in place provides peace of mind that should the worst happen, vital communications with their customers won’t be affected.

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