Output Modules


Vertical stacking conveyor

Most inserters tend to output the filled envelopes flat onto a shingling conveyor which will fill up extremely quickly This keeps the operator tied almost continuously to the output conveyor. Mailsortation duties slow the operator down even further resulting in most mailing operations to either slow the inserter down or employ additional operators at the output stage to try and keep up with the machine.

The Totalpost vertical stacking conveyor eliminates this problem on 2 levels. The module stacks the envelopes on their edges which takes up less room on the conveyor. This means that for a given length of conveyor, on average, at least 18 to 20 times more envelopes can be handled. At 6,000 envelopes per hour a 4 foot long conveyor will fill up in roughly 25 seconds but with the Total Post module it will be at least 8 minutes. The module can also accept a mailsort signal from the inserter (if it has intelligence reading) or we can supply an OCR system to read the SSC codes for mailsorting. The vertical stacking module will then offset the envelopes on the conveyor when a mailsort code is seen. This makes the processing easier as it allows operator to simply look for the offset envelopes to identify a mailsort break.

Using the Vertical Stacking Conveyor will allow the inserting machine to be run at it’s maximum production speeds and minimal operator levels for optimum production efficiency and profitability.

Totalpost works with leading suppliers of inkjet systems and print controllers to produce turnkey print systems for mailing applications. Our turnkey systems include all the hardware and software you need to integrate with a transport / mailing system and start printing variable and fixed data.

We offer solutions for a range of print head technologies and inks that are appropriate for a variety of single pass and multi pass applications. Our print systems are used for mail addressing, postal indicia printing, stamp cancelation, transaction printing, and more.

We can help simplify your mailing & printing processes and quickly and cost effectively bring your bespoke print & mail system to operation.


Our custom built inserting machine experts can talk you through the various options to help you obtain the right machine for your business. To find out more contact Nick Geary on Tel: 0845 4900 360 or via email at nick@totalpost.com