Royal Mail Rates have changed as of 29th March 2016

Royal Mail rates have changed as of 29th March 2016, please see for all the latest information. Below, we show the benefits of moving from a typical franking machine, to a Mailmark franking machine Why move to Mailmark? Summary of Discounts for Mailmark Franking Machine Users: 18p difference on every 2nd Class Letter compared to stamped […]

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Benefits of Document Scanning for your business?

What are the benefits of Document Scanning for you and your business?  There is an ongoing issue throughout a vast array of businesses where managing paper documents simply becomes a nuisance, as all time, money and space is lost in doing so. At Totalpost Mailing & Mechanisation Ltd, we provide a service to our clients that […]

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Royal Mail rate changes for franking machine users as of 29th March 2016

Royal Mail has recently published their 2016 pricing for franking which becomes effective on Tuesday 29th March 2016. This will increase the prices of products bought through a franking machine. Prices for sending a 1st Class Letter will start from 52p and a 2nd Class Letter from 39p. Franking continues to offer great value for […]

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What is a Remanufactured Ink Cartridge?

Totalpost Services Plc has been remanufacturing franking machine ink consumables in bulk to the highest quality, for more than six years to leading markets worldwide. “Cartridge remanufacturing is the industrial process whereby spent inkjet or toner cartridges are disassembled and cleaned, refilled, then engineered to become ‘as new’, and then are re-marketed” – Bruce Lenton, Production […]

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Totalpost Improves Car Dealerships Profitability

Local Car dealership shows substantial growth after the purchase of a folder inserter from Totalpost Services Plc. After a visit from Totalpost’s mailroom consultants, we promptly noticed the current work activities at this local car dealership were impractical, time consuming and causing a substantial loss on company profits. The dealership had staff manually hand folding […]

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Totalpost Exhibit at Remanexpo/ Paperworld, Frankfurt 2016

Totalpost Services Plc exhibited at the RemanExpo part of the Paperworld exhibition where they had a very busy stand. Veterans of the show, the franking machine cartridge remanufacturer has been exhibiting here for seven years running. We are the Non-exclusive worldwide dealer for the CBR range, and exclusive dealer for the UK and Ireland. Recently, Totalpost have expanded […]

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FAQ’s on Astrophysics X-Ray Machines

Totalpost are the distributor in the UK, Ireland, Germany and South Africa for the world renowned Astrophysics Inc ultra high performance tunnel based X-Ray security screening equipment. ARE YOUR X-RAY SYSTEMS TSA QUALIFIED? Yes! Astrophysics Inc. continues to expand its product offering to include a full range of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) qualified Air Cargo screening systems. […]

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Secure Mail Screening Facility at Totalpost

Secure Mail Screening World events and recent building evacuations have made an air-gap between incoming materials and core business operations critical to guarding against costly business disruptions. A secure mail screening process is vital for companies receiving large amounts of incoming mail to ensure the flow of your business is not interrupted. Totalpost Services Plc. provides scalable on and offsite secure […]

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Totalpost renews membership of ADS Group Limited

About ADS ADS works with and across a large number of organisations, partners, and supporting bodies to deliver a range of highly valued activities and services on behalf of our sectors and the Members we support. From technology and exports, to apprenticeships and investment, the UK’s Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space sectors are vital to the […]

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Remanufactured and Compatible Franking Machine Cartridges FAQ

What is the difference between remanufactured and genuine franking machine cartridge inks? Totalpost’s compatible and remanufactured franking machine cartridges are manufactured, assembled and distributed at our factory in Cumbria.  Our ink (both red and blue) has been fully tested and approved by Royal Mail. Our cartridges provide the same number of impressions as an Original […]

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