Multifunctional Office Printers

A multifunction office printer incorporates a printer, scanner and copier into one efficient box. Most office printers are now multifunction office printers, the multi part comes as standard. Sometimes abbreviated to be called MFDs some of these devices also incorporate added features such scan direct to email and fax capabilities

We offer three simple classifications of multifunctional printing devices of small, medium and large. Our small devices are aimed at home offices or very small offices. The medium range is for larger office environments or for work groups and the large range is for higher specification print finishing and high scale use.

Ricoh MP C305SPA good all rounder in the small multifunctional (MFD) range is the Ricoh MP C305SP which provides multi paper output options and colour printing.

ricohmp2003spIn the medium range the Ricoh MP C2503SP is an intelligent device that can print or copy at a rate of 25 colour pages per minute.

ricohmp6502spIn the large range the Ricoh MP C6502SP gives users the latest laser technology to produce exceptional print output in high volumes.

Our full range of multifunctional printing devices can be seen here.

Why choose a MFD?

As well as giving extra functionality, multifunction office printers allow for greater document management, increase overall efficiency and save on physical office space.

Instant savings are made because businesses don’t have to purchase separate devices to be able to print, copy and scan. Additionally separate service contracts aren’t needed for each machine meaning less hassle and fewer bills.

Unsure how to choose?

Totalpost provide a full print audit as speech bubble multifunction
standard and as there are a variety of multifunction office printers to choose from, this audit helps businesses to find the best device for them based on fact. The print audit looks at usage types and volumes and therefore enables us to recommend the most cost effective multifunction office printer for each scenario.

Options to consider include whether you require both colour and/or black and white (mono) printing; if duplex (double sided printing) will save you money; and, if you need a larger paper tray capacity to cope with large print runs.

Multifunction office printers come in both desktop and freestanding formats so consideration as to where the device will be placed within the office must be taken.

Specialist print options can also be accommodated as the higher end multifunction office printers incorporate a number of specialist options such as A3 printing and finishing options such as automatically stapling the printed document.

Businesses that switch to a multifunction office printer comment on increased efficiency and the benefits of being able to print more professional looking documents at the touch of a button. Many find that standard green features also help them to actively be aware of how much they are printing and how much ink they are using. This in turn helps them to make further savings.

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