Manufacturing and British export success in Sheffield

We’ve been in Sheffield this week where along with 5 other firms we’ve been exhibiting in recognition of our British export success. Here you can see a selection of our products including our franking machine cartridges, a franking machine and a walk-through security arch which is part of our security screening range.

Approved sheffield picThe Queens Award office invited Totalpost and 5 other Queens’s award winning North West businesses to exhibit here. So at the BIS (Business, Innovation and Skills) building at St Paul’s Place, which is on one of the main walkways to the train station, passers by can see a selection of business success stories. The exhibition is open until 31st July 2013.

There’s a cosmetic company called I Love Cosmetics and a specialist bed company, Harrison Spinks, amongst others. All have been recognised for their innovation or British export success.

At Totalpost we were very pleased to have been invited to take part in this free exhibition. Yes, it gives us the chance for free brand awareness in an area where we wouldn’t usually get such exposure. But also, it enables us to show what the impact can be of winning a Queens Award.

Preparing the submission is a lot of effort but winning brings so many benefits. It’s a great external recognition of the team success and it is an opportunity to thank everyone within the business for their hard work.

It also brings interest and trust from new customers. Since winning the award in April our web traffic has increased, our sales have gone up by 20% and out staff numbers have increased by 25%. Additionally we’ve had lots of calls from journalists who are interested to hear about a British export success story.

We will be preparing our 2014 Queens Award submission soon and although we have to set some time aside for this, it is a great chance to look back and realise exactly what we achieved last year. It’s a great benchmarking exercise that makes you feel proud about what the company is doing and the British export success that we are undertaking.

Therefore I’d urge any company that innovates, or that export to take a look at the Queens Award application process and have a go, even if you’re not successful the first time around it is a rewarding exercise and feedback is given.

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