Mailroom trends for 2013

David Hymers, Managing Director at Totalpost Services Plc shares some of his predictions for the mailroom industry for 2013.

Franking machine usage will continue to increase

Stamp prices increased in 2012 and this in turn led many business to consider using a franking machine. We saw a surge in the sale of franking machines and I expect this to continue in 2013.

Businesses can make great savings by switching from stamped to franked mail. Our figures show that any business that sends in excess of 8-10 items of mail a day can make savings by using a franking machine.

We now offer a 12-month entry level contract to give businesses a chance to try a franking machine. At the end of the 12 month period customers can choose to carry on, upgrade as required or simply to give the machine back. This scheme proved very popular in 2012 and we expect more businesses to give this a try in 2013.

Customers will continue to seek savings

Savvy businesses are always looking for ways to save and with this in mind we offer an all inclusive franking machine package.

Customers pay a set fee that includes the franking machine rental, consumables and the machine maintenance. This means customers can easily budget in their mailroom services with the peace of mind that everything is included.

Blue ink becomes standard

Royal Mail is gradually moving smart franking machines from using red ink to blue ink in 2013. This comes following trials which demonstrated increased efficiency in franking machine readability when using blue ink.

Totalpost has already undergone full testing of our blue franking machine ink in conjunction with Royal Mail and has gained full Royal Mail approval.

This change will be implemented over a period of time and we will be advising our customers accordingly.

Mailrooms become more secure

Another area of growth which I expect to see in 2013 is in mailroom security screening. Security conscious companies are sadly having to become increasingly more security conscious. This means that companies are starting to use specialist equipment to screen their mail. There is a variety of cabinet or tunnel X-Ray threat detection equipment on the market which are ideal for use in corporate mailrooms. These are becoming increasingly popular especially within sensitive business areas and allow staff to screen mail for any threats before opening it.

More monitoring of mail

I’d also expect to see an increase in other mail services in 2013, especially in tracking and monitoring mail. With mail costing twice what it was and impending Landfill Tax increases companies are turning to returned mail services to enable them to track mail outs, cleanse their databases and become greener.


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