Mailroom Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Mailroom Disaster Recovery

Leading the way in Mailroom Business Continuity Management and Mailroom Disaster Recovery Services, Totalpost can provide end-to-end mail opening, document scanning and processing coupled with the highest levels of security and efficiency.

Featuring modern mailroom facilities, Totalpost’s mailroom disaster recovery services form an essential business continuity function.

Ready to go at short notice and highly secured, our mailroom facilities are ready for your staff to populate and continue business when disaster strikes.

Totalpost can provide you with a Mailroom Business Continuity Management service or Mailroom Disaster Recovery solution which can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Fitted out to provide bank standard security our mailroom disaster recovery facilities come with many high quality features. For example Totalpost provides a dedicated X-Ray room within the disaster recovery facilities, with ‘lock down’ capabilities designed to scan all inbound mail.  This ensures a completely secure end-to-end solution that only Totalpost can provide.

Our Mailroom Disaster Recovery facilities include:

  • Operation recovery and buildings management by Totalpost but supervised and staffed by client staff when invoked.
  • The ability to process the required number of inbound correspondence daily.
  • Large scale mail volumes from Royal Mail from circa 6.00am.
  • Secure scanning of inbound mail before it reaches the mail opening environment, including recording of X-Ray images for future use in the event of finding dubious packages and letter contents.
  • Automated opening of the daily volumes using modern and high capacity mail extraction desks, with macro sort at opening stage.
  • Manual opening, exceptions and sorting capabilities.
  • Image scanning of all mail on high speed duplex scanners.
  •  Indexing, quality and validation capability with data communication direct into the client’s server.
  • Full security systems with external and internal cameras, and access control and monitoring of entry to the building and to internal processing areas, X-Ray room and hardcopy storage locations.

To find out more about Totalpost’s Business Continuity and Mailroom Disaster Recovery facilities call us on Tel: 0845 4900360 or email