Forms Processing

What is Forms Processing?

Electronic forms processing saves time and money and increases accuracy. We take your forms, usually questionnaires, surveys, application forms or feedback forms and utlising our specialist software provide quick and accurate results in the form of digitalised data.

Our software uses the latest specialist techniques of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognise printed text and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to recognise more difficult less legible hand written text.

Benefits of forms processing

  • Using specialist software means errors in data entry are greatly reduced.
  • Data entry costs are greatly reduced in comparison to manual entry.
  • Data is processed much more efficiently.
  • The likelihood of document loss or duplication is greatly reduced.
  • Results are easy to access and analyse.

Who we work with

We provide forms processing services for government offices in regards to surveys and questionnaires and also provide services to public bodies, charities and private companies.

Our processing centre is manned by a professional document processing team and has the additional benefit of being fitted out to meet bank security standards.

Why outsource

In-house form data capture is traditionally completed using staff to manually input the information. Manual data capture is prone to human error and is extremely time consuming. Electronic form capture is both accurate and fast.

Additionally by outsourcing you can have the peace of mind that the latest technology is always being utilised on your behalf without occurring additional expense.

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