Data Capture Services Overview

What are Data Capture Services?

There is a perception that data capture services are a complicated process. However, it is exactly how it sounds. We take hard copies of data such as returned mail, forms, surveys, questionnaires and archived paper documents then we scan and collate the data. We capture this raw data into a format which is much more manageable.

The two areas of data capture services that we specialise in are:

Returned Mail Data Capture

Data capture for database cleansing. The customers returned mail is returned directly to our processing centre where we capture the name and address details and the reason for return.



Document Scanning

Capturing data for digital archiving. Here we take paper documents and scan and collate them making them easy to store and retrieve.




  • Makes data manageable, it’s easy to store and archive and is quick to search and retrieve.
  • For returned mail it allows the company to easily cleanse their data – an important factor in maintaining customer loyalty and protecting company branding.