Mailroom Services


We provide specialist mailroom facilities including:

  • Returned Mail and Gone Away Mail services.
  • Specialist Mail Processing including BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).
  • Peak Load Handling.
  • Mailroom Disaster Recovery.
  • Mail Scanning & Processing Services.

We have two dedicated mailroom disaster recovery sites located in Warrington and Swindon, which are fully equipped to bank security standard. These facilities are on-hand for the use of our clients in the event of a disaster or emergency at very short notice. The premises have been designed to ensure mailroom continuity no matter what situation the client business is in, meaning no disruptions to your mailroom processes.

We also provide businesses with BPO and mail peak load processing services, in the form of  bespoke solutions, to fit the clients needs whether they want to borrow our specialist equipment or come and use our facilities.

Our returned mail and gone away mail services provide an expert solution to managing returned mail by capturing the reason for return, address code and other data as required by the client. This can be read through the envelope window or from the header sheet after opening the envelope. This saves regular postage waste by constantly cleansing the original database; it avoids embarrassing repeat mailings in certain instances and improves response rates. All returned mail is recycled or confidentially shredded as required. This also means there will be no massive charge for paper being returned to landfill.

DR room Swindon

To find out more about our mailroom services contact us on Tel: 0845 4900360 or email