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Hidden threats in letters, packets and small parcels are a growing concern for many businesses. While such occurrences are still fairly low, some businesses are adding mailroom security screening devices to ensure staff are kept safe.



In some organisations, where a lot of mail is received every day, mailroom security measures are becoming part of standard insurance requirements.

There are several types of mailroom security screening devices available from a desktop mail screening device that sits easily on a reception desk through to a conveyor screening device that can easily screen whole sacks of mail at once for fast mailroom security screening.





The entry level device that we provide is the CEIA EMIS-MAIL.

03_CEIA_EMIS-MAIL_IED-DetectorThis compact desktop screener is an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detector which triggers an alarm if detonators, batteries, circuits and other metal components of a parcel bomb are detected.

This clever device differentiates between real threats and everyday small metals (such as staples) meaning that unlike other desktop mail screening devices the false alarm rate is extremely low.

It is extremely easy to use and requires no calibration. More information about the EMIS-MAIL is available as a downloadable brochure.


Alternatively, to enquire about the EMIS-MAIL or to discuss general mailroom security contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.



For larger amounts of mail and organisations that have their own dedicated mail room, a freestanding conveyor security screening device is ideal.

Astrophysics XIS-5335We supply several models of the Astrophysics X-Ray security screening equipment which are ideal for screening mail. The XIS-5335 (shown here) and the slightly larger XIS-6040 enable fast and efficient screening of large amounts of mail.

The full range of larger mail security screening can be viewed here.

To find out more about any of Totalpost’s range of mailroom security please contact us via the contact form below.


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