T6050 Automatic Letter Opener

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Utilising milling cutter technology, the T6050 desk top automatic letter opener is ideal for the busy post room. It is a desktop model that offers extreme efficiency within a sleek design.

This letter opener supports a variety of different envelope and mail sizes and enables quick and easy access to the envelope contents.

This is a user-friendly machine that is known for its reliability. The letter opener operates at high speeds and can open up to 20,000 envelopes per hour. It will open any variation of envelope all the way up to C4 size. Additionally, it will deal with any paper thickness up to a maximum of 8mm.

The specialised milling cutter technology protects the envelope contents from being cut or damaged and removes a maximum of 3mm of the envelope edge creating a soft, feathered opening.

This is a heavy duty machine, made using the highest quality components, with a solid metal construction throughout.

  • Milling cutter technology
  • Adjustable depth of milling 0-3mm
  • Variable speed settings
  • Safety features included
Speed  Up to 32,000 envelopes per hour
Envelope thickness Up to 8 mm
Envelope size Up to C4
Machine dimensions 710 x 470 x 330 mm
Machine weight 35kg